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I can not believe a year has already passed! Mr. H has turned one this week! As a photographer I could not ask for a better baby. He is so sweet and funny. I have to say though, that of all our times together I love this session the most! If I could photograph cake smashes everyday, I would be a happy lady. We had entirely to much fun. He really loved the cake and went for it. He even wanted a second go after we took off his diaper lol. Then of course he had to get a bath! Thank you so much for letting me a part of this sweet little mans life, I love this little squishy and his infectious smile! Here is a little peek into our 1 yr cake smash session. cake smash, Colorado child photography

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I could not wait to show you these photos! I have to admit the thought of preemie twins in the studio can be a bit unnerving. These two were a dream. Talk about some content happy babies.  Despite the pee shower (that mom took like a champ) it went smoothly for these two preemies. I’ve never photographed a boy girl combo.  I really enjoy the earthy feel to these images. Thanks to this awesome family of 4 for such a wonderful visit to the studio and all the baby snuggles.

newborn photography, colorado family photography, newborn poses

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I was so shocked and excited to see my newest little client is a ginger! There is just something about those bright little locks and those sweet baby blue eyes. Yet again Mother nature tried to give us a run for our money but we persisted and won out in the end. I had fun with these three lovely ladies. I love generation photos! This little gal turned 8 months old and learned to crawl just days before our session (which always keeps you on your toes). Here is a little peek into our time together.

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There are days I love Colorado weather. And then there are days I do not! Mother Nature and I are not friends it turns out. As far as my plans go she is no help at all. When this family and I tried for Maternity photos outdoors in the fall we were met at the mountain with a massive storm, hail and all. We pressed on and waited out the storm to get some great images. We attempted to do an outdoor session this week for Little man H to celebrate his 1/2 birthday! 6 months and growing strong!  Weather channel said nothing of the impending storm until about an hour before. We met anyway and happened to squeeze in one family shot before the rains started in. As a matter of fact you can’t tell but they are being rained on in most of these images. Talk about troopers! I love watching this family grow and seeing their love for this little guy. I promise he smiles, and it is such a cute toothless gummy grin. Turns out babies don’t like the loud thunder or the drizzle. He kept looking at me like I was crazy. (I get that a lot, ha ha ). Here is little peak into our crazy quick rainy day session.

milestone photography, 6 month boy

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I can’t tell you how excited I was to find my clients owned all this beautiful land we could photograph on! Talk about every photographers dream. We were so lucky that we happened to shoot on the only day of the week it did not rain. And despite my crazy fear of tall grasses because of rattlesnakes, I managed to not see even one critter. I really enjoyed roaming their beautiful land and I can’t wait to meet the two sweet babes they will be bringing into this world!

Colorado Maternity photography

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I can’t believe 3 months has flown by for this little one. I love milestone sessions because as a photographer I really do enjoy watching these little people grow and change. He was sooo serious during our session as he badly wanted to just go to sleep. I promise he has the sweetest baby smile. But as with all kids, they do what they want; when they want=). I think my favorites are those wide eyed looks. The camera has to be a bit odd looking that close.  He truly is a joy and oooh those squishy Cheeks! I love that this family is into black and white images because I love them! Here is a little peek into our session together.


Had to sneak one color one in so you could see those amazing baby blues!!

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