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I had the privilege of photographing some amazing lady bosses. These women inspire me daily to be the best me I can. I hope you all know how fabulous I think you all are and how great it is working with you! I can;t wait to see where our Arbonne businesses take us this year.#ladyboss #Arbonne


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2015 was such a transition year for us as a family and for my business. This years pace was a lot slower than I am used to but I found I truly enjoyed it and found it refreshing. I was able to take time to shoot sessions just for me not just for my clients. I remembered why I am so passionate about photography and found myself excited for each shoot and what it could be. It was a refreshing year and I look forward to the new year and all it has to offer. Thank you to all my friends and clients this year. You are much appreciated and loved! I can’t wait to see what we create next.

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I love living in Colorado. We get 350 some odd days of sunshine a year. For the most part the fall here has been filled with beautiful cloudless lovely sky type of days. That is, until I ask a client to drive over an hour away into the mountains. I love This area and we had hiked it just the week before as a family. The sun peaks out over the mountains and illuminates the whole valley. It is truly a special spot. I knew it was Perfect for this session and we decided that we would make the trip and I promised it would be worth it.  Well, it turns out mother nature has it out for me. The day we chose happen to be the first day it had rained in almost a month.   As I am driving up to the pass I am praying and making deals with God to let us just have 30 minutes of rain free sunshine shoot time. As we drive higher I noticed the fog getting worse. We were able to shoot a total of 5 minutes before it started to rain heavily. Oh wait, not just rain, but sleet and hail too. I can not begin to tell you how I was feeling and was starting to wonder if crying would be unprofessional. We piled back into the cars and tried to wait it out. (Did I mention there is no cell service up there)? 45 minutes pass before it clears. And by clears I mean foggy with no sun. I do love to shoot in overcast lighting as it is mother natures best filter but seriously throw me a bone here. My clients had their game faces on and were ready to go. It was cold and wet and not once did I hear a complaint. If you want to know what a perfect client acts like this was it! I can assure you when I was 7 months pregnant I would not have been so pleasant traipsing through the wet grass in my high heeled boots.  Thank you Chamley family for being so wonderful and trusting in the vision. I am in love with your session and hope you are too!

denver maternity photography, Mountain photography, fall maternity photos

Turns out it was worth it to wait out the rain!!!


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This year I had big plans to hold a mini session for back to school. Since our move almost one year this week I have really struggled to find locations that speak to me and fit my clients needs. YES we live in the amazing beautiful state, but where I live is a good hour or more from the more iconic locals in the mountains etc. I was stoked to come across this fab little barn in Aurora! I knew right away it would be perfect for my sessions but alas didn’t find it until a month into the new school year (Murphy’s law right).

I was so excited to shoot Miss E’s 2nd grade back to school pics and try out this new location. She was a hoot. Not a bit shy and hopped right in rearranging all the props I had set up. Most photographers might freak out a bit about that but I find that most of the time kiddos like the ownership in helping with their photos. And sometimes they are more creative than me.  I really enjoyed talking with her and getting to know her. Here are a few pics from our session time together. Thanks again Miss E for all your decorating help, you rock!

Look out for the upcoming Holiday themed sessions, and next year for the Back to school themed sessions.

back to school Denver


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My daughter has been asking me to do this princess photo session for her for 2 years. Yes, I know bad photographer momma. So this year I decided we would do it. I found a perfect spot. We gathered some girls and we were off. As with most themed sessions I like to do a mock or practice shoot before I offer them to my clients. So this is the result of our mock session. I am in love!!! What a joy it was to see these girls giggle and smile dressed up and having fun. If I could hold special edition themed shoots everyday I’d be one happy lady. Kids really do love them just as much as I do. I decided since these were fun images that I would add some little elements later to give them a bit of whimsy. And yes, I know the animals do not appear real. That was not really the point. Its all just in fun. If you know any little princesses in the Denver area who might like themed sessions please let me know, these sessions are limited. I hope you all enjoy these “not so average” princesses. After all do you really need to kiss the frog?


P.S. A big thanks to the ladies who helped make this happen!

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