Your Photographer

I want your experience with me on a shoot to be more like spending time with a friend. I truly believe that my repeat clients are friends and that helps to really get those natural moments in your photographs because chances are we’re actually laughing. I have been known to talk ALOT and be a bit silly. You will most likely hear words like awesome or sweet coming from my mouth. I tend to get a bit excited about the images we are creating and usually just have to show you them straight from the camera.

My passion for photography began back in the film days when I received my first 110 camera at the ripe old age of 9. I was instantly addicted to capturing everything I could. I am always learning and experimenting with different techniques. After teaching art for 5 yrs I turned my love for photography into my full time job. Photographing families allows me to keep that connection with children that I so miss from teaching and combine it with my love of photography.

Photography is a passion not just a profession. I am by no means an expert I just love what I do. I have a serious love of natural light. I believe that a good photograph isn’t always about finding the right pose, but about capturing the right moment. I can be there when the time comes to capture your families special moments.

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